Rubber Duck Races

Racing rubber ducks is becoming a popular way of raising money for charity. Rubber ducks are raced through a course marked out with buoys in rivers, ponds, lakes or swimming pools. The winner is the duck that crosses the finish line first.

The world's first rubber duck race was held in the United States in 1988. It was set up by Eric Schechter and his company GAME. The races are known as the Derby Duck Races and remain the biggest rubber duck races in the world. The Derby Duck Race has raised over $140 million for charity.

The first rubber duck race in the UK was held in July 2006 in London on the river Thames, known as the Great London Duck race. 20,000 rubber ducks were set free at Battersea Park. Many went off course in due to a strong tide. The winning duck completed the course in half an hour. Proceeds went to Nightingale House, which is a care home for the elderly in south-west London

The Great British Duck Race took place on Sunday September 2nd 2007 on the Thames near Hampton Court.

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