What are Rubber Ducks?

Rubber ducks are toys that are shaped like a duck. They are most commonly used as a floating toy for the bath. Some rubber ducks are dolls rather than bath time boys. Rubber ducks are also used as toys for dogs.

Rubber ducks are traditionally made out of rubber. Now days they are usually made out of vinyl plastic that feels and looks like rubber.

Some rubber ducks have a built in squeaker for added effect.

Rubber Duckie

A Rubber duck can also be called a rubber duckie. Rubber duckie has become a popular name for rubber ducks recently, especially with collectors.

classic rubber duck

Top Selling Ducks

Classic rubber duck
Classic rubber duck 1.25
Bath Ducks set of 3
Bath Ducks set of 3 1.99
Elvis Duck
Elvis Duck 2.95
Luv Duck
Luv Duck 4.99
Duck Toothbrush Holder
Duck Toothbrush Holder 4.99
Space Duck - The Astronaut Duckie
Space Duck - The Astronaut Duckie 5.90